Welcome to the Smart Commute Association of Black Creek (formerly, Black Creek Regional Transportation Management Association)!

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Our future is what we make it. Together we can make it clear - with less traffic and cleaner air. And not just because it is the right thing to do - but because it makes good economic sense (as in lower operating costs and a larger labour pool).

The Smart Commute Association of Black Creek  (SC-BC) is a private, non-profit membership organization. We are supported by the Cities of Toronto and Vaughan, York Region, EcoAction, Toronto Atmospheric Fund, York University and many other partners. We are working to do something about smog and congestion in the Black Creek region and the unacceptable toll they are taking on our businesses, communities, and environment. 

While ours is the first in Ontario, and one of the first in Canada, independent Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) already exist in many cities across North America.

Our membership is made up of both private and public organizations with interests in our region. They understand that by working together we can accomplish more than any one government agency, employer, developer or individual could do alone.

Our members also understand that effective transportation management can benefit their organizations directly as well as the community at large.

In the About Us section of this website you can find out about our services. We'll keep you updated on all the latest SC-BC developments in the News & Events section, and you can find helpful tips on commuting, including route suggestions, in our Transit, Carpooling & Vanpooling and Cycling pages.

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The Greater Toronto Area is facing some big issues. Poor air quality, with smog alerts occurring more frequently than ever before, is estimated to cause at least 1,000 premature deaths a year in the GTA. One of the most important causes of the growing smog problem is traffic congestion and gridlock.  Even if hundred of kilometers of new roads are added in the GTA, traffic congestion is expected to be as much as three times worse over the next twenty years than it was at the start of the 1990s, because car use continues to grow. And, congestion is already costing us $1 billion a year. We believe that we can not continue let this continue and are committed to doing something about it now.  We want to work with you to improve the commuting choices you have, so we can reduce the number of cars on the road.

In these times of increased smog, rising gas prices, and growing gridlock, it just makes sense to improve your commute!

Want to get more involved? Join Us! Email janetlo@sc-bc.ca!

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